Media Buying to Increase Real Estate Sales

If you are a real estate broker, agent, or property manager looking to increase your sales, this article will give tips on achieving that and making the most of media buying. We talk about how media buying can help your sales! But you need to know how to use Facebook ads or have someone who can help you, such as a Facebook ads manager.

Are Facebook ads still worth it?

Regarding media buying, Facebook ads are an excellent way to target your audience and create ads that resonate with them. Moreover, Facebook as a social media platform enables you to reach a broad audience, which can be possible leads or new customers. Facebook ads are still worth it – that is, if you know how to run Facebook ads.

The main thing you need to understand about Facebook ads is your target audience; if you don’t know who it is, how can you create a successful ad? It would help if you also kept in mind the following:

  • Your budget

  • The type of product or service that you are promoting

  • How much time can be dedicated to managing the campaign

What is a reasonable budget for Facebook ads?

To make money, you need to get leads and make sales. A typical marketing budget of 5% to 12% of revenue is a good benchmark. However, startups and new companies should spend closer to 12% of the budget.

Facebook ads for real estate professionals

Facebook ads are a very effective way to reach potential buyers actively searching for homes. You can create Facebook ads targeted at people who work in your industry, live in particular zip codes, or have shown an interest in specific topics. This narrows the audience to those most likely interested in what you’re selling.

You can also use Facebook ads as part of a larger strategy to build trust among potential buyers and drive traffic to your landing pages. If you want to emphasize community involvement or sustainability practices on social media, it’s a great way to show off these aspects of your business without explicitly selling anything.

1.) Understanding your target audience

When it comes to media buying, understanding your target audience is essential since you can find the right place to advertise. You can determine your audience with market research and researching your competition.

Also, creating personas can help with creating more personalized marketing campaigns. However, it is also vital to determine who is not your audience. 

2.) Create great ads that resonate with your audience and test them

A great ad can get people to click. But a great ad that resonates with your audience and speaks to their pain points is the type of ad that will drive leads and sales. An effective real estate Facebook Ad campaign starts with creating a series of ads designed to resonate with different audiences so you can test what works best for each.

Here are some things you should test:

  • Ad formats (square vs. vertical)

  • Copy (short vs. long)

  • Images (photos vs. illustrations)

  • Targeting options (age range, interests, location, etc.)

  • Audiences

You should also test different landing pages based on demographic data or other information gathered from the Facebook pixel-tracking technology

3.) Build trust among those who click on your ad

A third way to increase trust and get more clicks is by providing relevant information to the user. For example, if you’re advertising a vacation property in Florida, it would be helpful to include what nearby attractions are nearby or where it’s located on the beach.

If your ad contains a strong call-to-action (CTA) that tells the user what they should do next and gives them a reason for doing so now (e.g., “Call now” or “Book today”), people are more likely to take action than if there isn’t one present at all.

You can also use trust symbols such as security badges or seals from trusted organizations such as Better Business Bureau (BBB). This helps demonstrate credibility and assure users that they’re dealing with an honest business owner who won’t scam them out of their money—which can build even more trust!

4.) Set up a landing page that efficiently converts traffic

Your landing page should be relevant to the ad. If you’re running an ad for luxury property in New York City, don’t send your leads to a generic “real estate” landing page that doesn’t mention anything about New York City or luxury property. People are looking for specific information when they visit your site—make sure the content on your website is tailored toward what they want.

It should also be easy to navigate, optimized for mobile devices (most internet users now use their phones), and relevant to what people search for in real estate. Your landing page should contain a clear call-to-action (CTA) so visitors know how to start buying or selling their home—and it needs to look good!

Increase sales via Facebook ads.

An excellent place to start is by creating a buyer persona. The more information you have about this person, the better. It would be best if you tried to get as much information as possible about their age and gender, where they’re from, how many kids they have, and what their job is.

Facebook has an advertising tool called Audience Insights that can help you with this kind of targeting — it will show you who your audience is based on what they do on the platform.

Once you know your target audience, the next step would be to create ads that resonate with them and build trust among people who click on them so that they’ll convert into leads or sales when they land on a landing page (or keep browsing around Facebook).

For example, If you’re selling homes in Texas but live in California, create an ad campaign targeted at homeowners in Texas using photos of houses there instead of local ones!

Why should realtors use Facebook ads?

Facebook ads can assist in capturing leads (both buyer and seller leads), increasing traffic not just to your website but also more foot traffic for open houses and brand exposure. 

Do Facebook ads for real estate work?

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for real estate advertisements. Moreover, Facebook ads should be part of your social media marketing strategy. Facebook ads target local customers, and real estate professionals depend on local businesses.

Adding Facebook ads to your digital marketing campaigns is a good idea. 

Conclusion about Media Buying to boost Real Estate Sales 

Now that you’ve read our tips for using Facebook ads for real estate, we hope you have an excellent foundation to start creating your first ad!

Remember, it’s all about testing, especially when using social media marketing, and evaluating different options until you find a combination that works. If one of our suggestions doesn’t work out as expected, don’t try new things until something clicks.

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