How to Use a Healthcare Virtual Assistant to Streamline Your Practice

Are you a medical professional who is looking to grow your practice? Do you feel your team doesn’t have the time or resources to handle everything that comes with running a successful business? Maybe it’s time you started using a virtual healthcare assistant.

These professionals can help you streamline and run your business more efficiently.

What is a healthcare virtual assistant?

A healthcare virtual assistant, also referred to as a medical VA, is a person who works remotely for you, using technology to complete tasks that would otherwise require physical presence.

They can help with various tasks, from scheduling appointments and answering patient calls to managing your social media accounts and creating marketing materials. Moreover, they can execute your marketing strategy, which can help grow your practice. 

Of course, many of these tasks are already automated. You can automate your appointment scheduling by using an online scheduling tool like Calendly or Reschedule Genius, which will automatically email new patients when it’s time for them to come in.

But if you’d rather have someone answer the phone when they call instead of a robot voice telling them their appointment has been scheduled (or rescheduled), then hiring a healthcare virtual assistant could be suitable for your practice.

Why virtual healthcare assistants are in demand

Why are healthcare virtual assistants in such high demand? Because they can help with administrative tasks, customer service, marketing, research, scheduling, organizing, and data entry.

They can also handle email management.

How to use a healthcare virtual assistant

You may be wondering how to use a healthcare virtual assistant. This can be an excellent option for practices that need help with administrative tasks but don’t want to hire full-time staff.

They’re beneficial if you’re starting and don’t have many employees yet or if your practice is small and doesn’t have enough work for several people.

There are several kinds of virtual assistants:

  • Administrative assistants help with clerical tasks such as scheduling appointments, answering phones, creating documents and spreadsheets (including templates), filing paperwork correctly, and organizing office supplies like pens or paperclips through Amazon Prime Pantry (Prime Pantry is available in select cities). They also manage social media accounts so that doctors can focus on patients rather than keeping up with Facebook comments on their page about food allergies or vaccines not being safe.
  • Personal assistants offer helpful assistance with a variety of primarily low-level tasks and impede your organizational skills

Benefits of virtual healthcare assistants

If you’re starting your practice, finding the time and resources to create an efficient work environment is challenging. A virtual assistant can help you stay on track by streamlining your day-to-day responsibilities.

Improved Productivity

A good healthcare virtual assistant can do much more than provide administrative support—they’ll also take care of tasks like scheduling appointments, answering phones, and managing patient files.

This means less time spent on busy work so you can focus on providing quality care for patients.

Reduced Costs

When you hire a virtual healthcare assistant, they will be working within the scope of their expertise (rather than trying to do everything themselves).

You’ll have access to someone who understands what it takes to run a medical practice while freeing up your time for consultant activities such as marketing, advertising, or seeing new patients!

Improved Customer Service

A well-trained virtual assistant will represent your business. They’ll help build relationships with patients, leading them to become repeat customers who trust what we say about our services being delivered efficiently and reliably.

We should all be virtual healthcare assistants.

Healthcare virtual assistants (VAs) can help you save time, money, and energy by completing mundane tasks while freeing up your time to focus on patient care. They can also make your business more efficient in many ways:

  • Completing tedious work can free up your time for more important things like improving patient quality of care or developing new treatments for patients who need them most. A virtual assistant allows doctors to spend less time doing paperwork and more time with their patients or pursuing other interests outside of medicine, like hiking, sailing, or cooking at home with their families. This makes them happier people who enjoy going to work each day!
  • Virtual assistants also mean that every aspect of running a practice is streamlined so that every moment spent on an activity adds value for the client instead of being wasted on repetitive tasks like filing insurance claims or answering questions about insurance coverage (which no one cares about).

Conclusion on how to use a healthcare virtual assistant to streamline your practice

I hope that you’ve learned a lot about how to use virtual healthcare assistants in your practice. The key takeaway is that these professionals can help make your life easier, so why not try them?

If you’re not ready yet or still have questions about how this would work for your business, book a free call with our outsourcing expert, who can advise you best. 

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