Great Resignation or Great Opportunity. How to Benefit from It

The Great Resignation is still ongoing, slowly ripping its way through the rest of the globe. But what is the great resignation? More on this later, but simply put, the great resignation, which Anthony Klotz coined the term, was the aftermath of the pandemic when many people left their jobs for a lifestyle change.

However, what this has created, as employers are struggling to fill vacancies – there is an excellent opportunity to hire a virtual assistant and boost your business. Plus, in the process, save on salaries and other business expenses. If you are one of those people looking for staff to assist with your admin tasks, you may have different questions, such as:  How do you find a virtual assistant? How much does it cost? And what do they do for my business?

What is the great resignation?

Great resignation, also called the significant reshuffle and the big quit, when U.S. workers resigned from their jobs starting in the spring of 2021 amid solid labor demand and low unemployment even as vaccinations eased the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, at its peak, around 50.5 million people quit their jobs in 2022, and although slowing down dramatically, it’s still an issue businesses have to deal with. 

There is a glimmer of hope. The great resignation is the opportunity to hire a virtual assistant. You can save money and time by hiring a virtual assistant to do many tasks and projects.

The great resignation is an opportunity for small business owners.

You’re probably thinking, “But wait! This market is terrible for small businesses. Profits are down, and new business opportunities are hard to find.”Good news for you: The great resignation is an opportunity for small business owners.

More people are looking for work than there are jobs available, which means that the people who do manage to get hired will be the ones who take their job search seriously and go above and beyond what is expected of them. If they aren’t willing to go through extra hoops to get a job today, how can we expect them to go above and beyond once they start their new position?

So, how do you create a better work situation for yourself?

The first step is to understand what you want to achieve. We must identify what we wish to do before reaching anything. Once you’ve done this, list your priorities as they apply to your job. This list doesn’t have to be exhaustive or comprehensive—for example,”:I want an office” or “My manager should acknowledge my contributions.”

Once your list has been created and prioritized (we’ll get back to this later), think about the things that would improve how your current job works for you by making changes at work. For example, “I’d like my manager’s feedback on my performance more often.”

Or “If I could request an extra hour off each week so I could run outside during lunchtime instead of being stuck inside all day.” And finally—make a plan for exactly what those goals will look like once they’re achieved!

Hiring a full-time virtual assistant is affordable!

Not everyone can afford to hire a full-time onsite assistant. Hiring one is not cheap, no matter what the job is. But if you have the cash and need some assistance with your business, hiring a virtual assistant might be your best option.

There are different types of virtual assistants, namely, part-time or full-time. Each of these comes with its price tag, depending on their experience level and location.

Also, the cost varies depending on which type of work they’re doing for you—for example, if you want someone who can help manage social media accounts or handle customer service inquiries from home office customers all day long without being present physically in person (like myself). That will be more expensive than hiring someone who only does administrative tasks like keeping records or making reservations for travel plans/hotels/etc.

So, how does a virtual assistant help in this time of crisis?

If the great resignation impacts you, there are many things to consider. You’ll want to be sure that you have excellent backups and a plan for getting through this period of uncertainty. But one benefit can help make everything go more smoothly: a virtual assistant!

A virtual assistant can help with many tasks to overcome the impact of the great resignation. These include social media engagement, email management, and administration work—all things that take up so much time when working in an office environment. In fact, according to this article from Forbes magazine, “It takes nearly eight hours per week just to manage email.”

That’s not even counting additional meetings or phone calls that might come up throughout the day, as well as other tasks like creating your presentations or managing your social media for you!

But having someone else handle all these daily activities can save money, too. These are often paid positions within companies, meaning they cost their employers thousands yearly, if not tens of thousands, depending on how many people need them done at once (e.g., large companies).

So by hiring them ourselves instead through our own company, we’re saving both time AND money while still accomplishing all those same goals that help us enjoy peace of mind during stressful times like now!

How do you find a virtual assistant?

If you’re looking for a virtual assistant, you should approach a reputable service agency first. Naturally, you could try searching the internet and reading the different helpful articles by Forbes on why hiring a VA is suitable for your business. However, approaching Aristo Sourcing is safer since the company will source and vet great people to assist you with your tasks. 

The bottom line 

If you’re ready to make some changes, now is the time. The great resignation created fantastic opportunities for small business owners. You must be willing to move forward and take advantage of this great recession!