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Each Entrepreneur Needs a Sam Assistant

Being an entrepreneur is hard work. There are few people who have the ability, drive, and desire to start their own businesses. The rewards are great; however, naturally, there is also a great deal of stress involved. Managing your finances, setting up accounting systems, and keeping on top of marketing campaigns can be overwhelming. Therefore you need someone to help keep it all together for you. This is where Sam the assistant comes in!

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur is hard work

It is well-known that being an entrepreneur requires great effort. Being able to work on your business and not in your business requires much time, energy, and focus. Every entrepreneur, from Gary Vee to Gary Halbert, has said that you need to delegate tasks as soon as possible in order to grow.

If you’re like me, it doesn’t matter how much money you might be making or how successful your company is. You can still feel overwhelmed by the endless list of what must be done every day just to keep the lights on. So what is my response to this situation? Do I hire an employee? Do I start outsourcing those tasks, to take some pressure off me? No! Instead, I decide to acquire a Sam assistant (who also happens to be named Sam).

The problem with delegating is finding the right person

Finding the most apposite staff member can pose a distinct problem when work must be delegated. There are many aspects to consider when hiring someone: Do they have the necessary skills? Can they work remotely? How reliable are they? What will it cost to hire them? How much training will they need? And these are only a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when considering your potential hires!

I found myself asking these questions all too often when working as an entrepreneur. Often times I would have to conduct a great deal of research to find candidates that fit my needs. Later, it would be apparent that most of these potential assistants were either too expensive or unreliable.

To solve this difficulty, I decided to create Sam: an artificial intelligence assistant specifically for entrepreneurs. An AI assistant can connect entrepreneurs like me with remote workers who excel at their jobs, yet ask for remuneration affordable to the employer!

Finding a great assistant who will help grow your business while also acting as your right-hand man or woman can be a monumental task all on its own

The perfect person will be there to handle all of your admin tasks, managing your emails and clients, scheduling customer appointments for you and more. However, hiring such an individual brings with it unique difficulties and responsibilities.

First off, how do you find someone who is the perfect fit for your company? You’ll want first of all to peruse their resume. Are they qualified? Have they any previous experience working in similar roles? If so, what exactly did they do? This can give you insight into their skillset and abilities. Such knowledge is important when considering how well they would fit into your company culture.

Next up

What should we expect from our new assistants once we hire them? What kind of work should they be able to do initially before moving on to bigger projects later down the road? It’s important that both parties communicate clearly about expectations early on so there aren’t any misunderstandings later on when things start getting busy!

Hire a Sam assistant!

If you’re looking for an employee who can do all of this for you − hire a Sam assistant!

Sam is a virtual assistant company that provides online services, remote assistants, and telephone assistance. Such service is available on a flexible basis, allowing it to fit into your business schedule.
Sam is an entrepreneur’s best friend: no more worrying about payroll or HR issues. Simply focus on growing your business!


Ultimately, it all comes down to your needs and what’s best for your business. While hiring an employee can be more expensive in terms of time, energy, and resources, such a hire will give you a huge return on investment. If you’re looking for someone who can handle all of your administrative tasks while also acting as your right-hand man or woman, then hiring such an individual will be the perfect way to go!


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