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Meet Abigale Davis, a small home business owner from Florida. Abigale opened her home-based PR business five years ago after she left her 9-5 employment. It was her dream to be her boss. The past few years have been tough, but she loves her clients and has established a reputable business. “I love it, but the business has grown as my clients have referred me. I am feeling the pressure, so I have opted to hire my first virtual assistant.”

Hiring her first virtual assistant 

Hiring a virtual assistant gave Abigale the relief she needed without adding another person to the small office space. “I wanted someone to answer my emails and my phone,” Davis says. “Although there is an answering service, it is very impersonal. Also, the plan was to teach somebody about my business so they could assist with screening my calls, and in doing this, help me to find great opportunities.”

Aristo Sourcing 

Sensibly, Davis contacted Aristo Sourcing. After a detailed information-gathering process, Abigale was ready to hire a virtual assistant for her home business. “My assistant answers my phone, helps me to schedule meetings, and helps to safeguard me from myself,” Davis says. “I have a bad habit of not being able to say ‘no’ to clients. Then I spread myself too thinly, and in most cases I tend to waste my time with opportunities that will lead to nothing.” The first virtual assistant Davis hired was a part-time personal assistant, who soon took on a full-time role. “The money I am spending is well-spent on someone to help me. This has allowed me to focus on my key clients − they have noted this detail, which has led to my business growing by leaps and bounds.”

Strategic planning 

For those who have started a home business, you may not want to expand physically when it comes to up-scaling. Yet, you want to focus on strategic planning instead of spending hours doing admin tasks. It would help if you thought creatively.

Keep a focus on your dream. 

The problem is that many solo entrepreneurs fear their businesses will not succeed and will ultimately have to attend to everything personally. The dream they first loved becomes a nightmare when burnout looms large. Most clients who were onboarded a virtual assistant wish they had taken this step earlier.

They may initially have failed to break through the barrier of unfamiliarity with virtual assistance or the rewards of hiring a virtual assistant. Also, justifying the costs of hiring someone is difficult for some. However, no one is superhuman − one can only work to capacity every day. Experts have confirmed that a virtual assistant is a wise investment. A virtual assistant is your most treasured resource – giving you the time to accomplish your various tasks, time for yourself, and time to spend with your family. Yet, to manage your time better, you must decide on the charges your virtual assistant must cover. Making a list can help you see what can be delegated to someone else who does the same work you would have but at a lower cost.

virtual assistant helping a home business

The tasks are delegated to a virtual assistant. 

In most cases, the tasks will be administrative, depending on your business type. For instance, some admin tasks can include bookkeeping or arranging to ship if you have an eCommerce business. You can let go of these jobs, as they are less central tasks. This would afford you more time for yourself. You can then focus on your core-critical work to reap the benefits of the skills of others to help you.

What is at the top of many people’s business minds is savings. When you hire a virtual assistant, the cost per hour is lower over the long run. However, cost saving is not a sufficient reason to switch for many. Some business owners struggle with control issues.

“I had to learn to let go,” Davis says. “I knew that I was the problem, and when I came to the point when I was ready, I had regrets that I did not see this earlier.” You need to trust the process − grab and run with that ball. It would help if you learned how to build between you and your VA. Trust will help your VA and the virtual assistance service. Once you have reorganized your thinking, you will notice the support you have around you. If you want to grow and reap the benefits, contact us if you are looking for new opportunities. We are here to support you.

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