10 Essential Must-Have Virtual Assistant Tools in 2024

Are you a virtual assistant looking for digital tools to boost your productivity and performance? If yes, you’re probably having trouble deciding which is best. It is not just you that is puzzled by so many options. The availability of many tools on the internet makes it tricky for every remote employee to select the right one.

Well, you don’t need to worry because we have performed thorough research and compiled a list of 10 must-have virtual assistant tools for you. These tools offer many other perks, from streamlining the workflow to helping you become efficient in your work.

By getting armed with these tools, you can make your 2024 more manageable and convenient. So, are you ready to uncover the digital gems we collected for you? Let’s roll.

1. Paraphrasing Tool by Plagiarismchecker.co

Virtual Assistant Tools 1

As a virtual assistant, you often create different types of content for clients’ websites and other digital platforms. Plagiarismchecker.co, a renowned web utility, offers a cutting-edge paraphrasing tool to optimize content creation.

With this paraphraser in your hands, you don’t need to spend hours creating content. Instead, you can generate fresh content using existing material online. This reduces time consumption and ensures uniqueness and engagement in content.


  • It makes context-based enhancements in content rather than just doing word replacement.
  • Incorporates the latest AI text processing algorithms and generates 100% unique content.
  • Incredibly easy to access and easy to use for all kinds of users from all over the world.

2. Duplichecker.com

Virtual Assistant Tools 2

Meet Duplichecker.com, an advanced plagiarism checker available on the internet. It helps virtual assistants be aware of whether the content they will upload is unique. This plagiarism detector owns more than a billion-page database for cross-checking the input content.

Upon getting the input, it deeply examines the content and performs a comprehensive similarity check between input and database content. Then, it accurately highlights every sentence, paragraph, or page that contains duplicates. Also, it indicates the sources where the duplicates appear online.


  • Duplichecker equips AI technology to find even minor traces of plagiarism precisely.
  • It provides detailed plagiarism reports containing uniqueness ratio and source links.
  • Maintains user trust by keeping 100% privacy of users’ data and offering them a safe journey.

3. Grammarly

Virtual Assistant Tools 3

Grammarly, a magical tool, empowers virtual assistants with error-free writing. You don’t need to be a grammar expert to be accurate in communication and content creation. All you need is access to Grammarly. This advanced grammar checker doesn’t leave any linguistic errors in the text.

Its algorithms are trained over many language rules, making it efficient in its work. It digs deeper into content and detects both minor and complex linguistic mistakes. Then, it provides the best and most relevant alternatives for errors to help you make the content flawless.


  • It conducts in-depth text assessment to ensure 100% correctness in the input content.
  • It suggests a writing style to align the content tone with the intended audience.
  • Grammarly helps you write understandable content by providing straightforward suggestions.

4. Asana

Virtual Assistant Tools 4

Asana helps virtual assistants streamline their messy workflows. It is a handy project management tool that enables you to keep an eye on all projects with your team. It allows you to enhance your productivity by efficiently handling each project separately.

This feature-rich tool offers multiple easy-to-use options for creating, optimizing, and monitoring project workflows. Best of all, it also allows you to add extra functionalities by integrating external add-ons, further improving task management.


  • Asana has a simple interface with multiple views, including lists, boards, and charts.
  • It allows you to set up custom automation for repetitive tasks to trim down workload.
  • Using it, you can flexibly communicate and share files with your team without restrictions.

5. Slack

Virtual Assistant Tools 5

As a remote employee, a reliable communication tool is a necessity that Slack efficiently fulfills. It acts as a central place between long-distance employees and companies. Using this tool, you can discuss ideas, brainstorm solutions, and collaborate on key insights with your team.

Like other collaborative tools, its interface is easy to navigate, making it easy to communicate with others. It allows you to create custom chat rooms called channels for each topic, interest, or project separately. It also supports one-on-one conversations for private discussions.


  • In addition to text conversations, it also allows you to collaborate on audio and video.
  • It works with more than 100 external add-ons, allowing you to pull everything you need in one place.
  • Slack provides high data security to its users and ensures a safe user journey at every login.

6. Evernote

Virtual Assistant Tools 6

As the name indicates, Evernote is a helpful tool that lets you digitally note down all the key insights in one place. Whether you are attending a meeting or performing competitor research, you can jot down the main points in this tool so that you can easily access them later.

So, whenever you need to take notes, consider using this handy tool instead of picking up your pen and writing manually. The best part is that you can synchronize Evernote on different devices, simultaneously enabling your notes on multiple devices.


  • It is capable of storing notes in the form of text, images, web clippings, and videos.
  • Evernote lets you import entire folders from your storage device directly into notebooks.
  • You can create two separate accounts using the same email for personal and professional use.

7. DropBox

Virtual Assistant Tools 7

DropBox is a virtual file collaboration tool that offers space for storing and sharing heavy files with remote persons. Whether you want to share high-definition videos of large sizes or an entire folder of product pictures, this tool gratifies all your needs.

This proficient tool eliminates the need to send files back and forth every time. Once you save your files in Dropbox, you can access and edit them easily whenever needed. Bringing all the content together on this platform organizes your data and saves you time and effort.


  • It is a cross-platform tool that works with nearly all operating systems.
  • You can merge helpful tools with DropBox, such as Slack, Zoom, and Google Workplace.
  • It shields your content from unwanted attacks and unauthorized access to ensure high security.

8. Canva

Virtual Assistant Tools 8

Canva is a handy tool that helps you in many ways. Being a virtual assistant, you often need to create meaningful graphics for your company or employer. These include infographics, presentations, visual data charts, etc.

This innovative graphics editing tool provides ready-made templates to cater to all of your basic needs. You can easily edit those templates according to your requirements and use them wherever needed. Also, it allows you to share designs with your clients to gather feedback and make revisions.


  • You can access and synchronize it on multiple devices to edit any design anytime and anywhere.
  • It lets you customize and download the design size in different file formats.
  • To manage your work, it permits you to create separate projects and folders.

9. Calendly

Virtual Assistant Tools 9

Calendly streamlines the scheduling process by allowing virtual assistants to share their availability with clients and team members. They can also use this tool to organize meetings for their clients’ businesses by setting up custom times and durations.

With this tool, there is no need to inform everyone about your free time individually. Instead, let your Calendly link tell them when and for how much time you are available. It saves you from wasting time replying to multiple meeting emails or messages.


  • Calendly automatically detects and adjusts for time zone differences to avoid conflicts and confusion.
  • You can integrate it with popular calendars like Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, etc.
  • It sends automated reminders to all meeting participants for the right time to meet up.

10. LastPass

Virtual Assistant Tools 10

LastPass is a powerful password manager that saves virtual assistants from forgetting their account credentials. It helps ensure a unique and strong password for each account, reducing the risk of unauthorized access due to password breaches or hacking attempts.

It stores the accounts’ passwords in one encrypted vault, accessible with a single or two-factor authentication method. Its multi-device synchronization provides access to all your accounts regardless of location and device.


  • In addition to saving passwords, it helps generate new, strong, and unguessable passwords.
  • It auto-fills the login details, eliminating the need to insert them manually every time.
  • To provide high security to its users, it lets you add multi-factor layers to your passwords.

Wrapping Up

After reading this article, we hope you have a detailed overview of the virtual assistant tool. These tools significantly transform your productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. All of them cater to your specific needs. So, include them in your existing bucket of digital tools and use them whenever needed.