What Are the Duties of an Assistant for a Pinterest Business Account?

Pinterest is a great place to share your favorite things; however, it can also be a valuable resource for marketing your business. Pinterest is one of the largest social media platforms, with over 400 million active users monthly. And there’s no better way to market on Pinterest than by hiring a virtual assistant for a Pinterest business account, who can help grow your brand’s following and likes.

Creating and setting up client boards 

Create boards for clients.

Your first step is to create a board for each of your clients so that you can organize their content in one place. Pinterest allows you to create multiple boards per account; you can use this option if you have numerous clients. Select the ‘Boards’ tab at the top of your screen and click ‘Create a new board.’ Enter an appropriate title (e.g., ‘Bertram’s Board’), select public visibility (‘Private’ or ‘Public’), then fill in as much information as possible;

Set up pinning schedule and board settings.

Once your client’s board has been created, set up its pinning schedule by selecting ‘Schedule Pins’ from the drop-down menu next to ‘Pin It Button.’ You’ll want to be sure that these pins are scheduled at times when most people will be online browsing Pinterest. Planning them during off hours could result in low engagement rates for those pins (and fewer re-pins). Next, set up some basic settings for how often each Pinterest pin should be posted (weekly? monthly?) and what kinds of posts should go into each category on this board;

Set up descriptions for each pin type.

These tasks can include infographic creation, drafting articles, and editing images. All of this is done with keywords relevant to each type of post.

Pinterest business account

Writing and scheduling pins from existing client blogs

If you are a virtual assistant for a Pinterest business account, your duties will vary depending on your clients’ needs. Your primary job as a virtual Pinterest assistant is to post pins from existing client blogs and other sources. You may also be asked to schedule pins to go live at different times or on certain days of the week. If this is something that you’re comfortable with, it’s worth noting that scheduling pins can be very beneficial for both parties involved.

Suppose you’re interested in becoming a virtual Pinterest assistant. In that case, it’s best to have some experience writing content for websites or blogs before applying for such jobs—this will show employers that you’re familiar with social media platforms and have experience working with them and creating content within them (such as blog posts).

Writing, sourcing, and uploading new, original content

As a virtual Pinterest assistant, you’ll research topics your clients find interesting and then source images to use in written posts. You may also be responsible for writing original content for client boards and group boards.

You might be asked to upload pins to client Pinterest boards, group boards, other pinners’ boards (for example, the pinner’s account), relevant accounts (for example, accounts related to the topic), or relevant boards (if there are any).

Working on group boards:

  • There are multiple ways of becoming involved with group boards.
  • Group boards are an excellent way of engaging and interacting with other pinners in your niche − so take advantage of them.
  • Gaining followers and likes is easier than ever when you use Pinterest’s internal tools to grow your page.

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Collaborating with other pinners and bloggers

Collaborating with other pinners and bloggers is one of the most essential duties of a virtual Pinterest assistant. This means you will be re-pinning content from other pinners and bloggers, liking and commenting on their pins, following them, and sharing their posts with your followers.

Pinterest has a massive community of users who are always looking for new people to follow—and this is your job! As someone in this position, you must become familiar with effective collaboration with others on Pinterest to help grow their follower base as much as possible.

Re-pinning/engaging on other relevant boards/pins/accounts 

Re-pinning or engaging with other relevant pins and boards is also vital to your job. You’re not just there to pin ideas for your client but also to help them build their network.

This can be done by re-pinning an image from another board and commenting on it or liking or commenting on individual pins that the Pinterest business account follows. This encourages users to check out what you have pinned, which in turn will help them interact with each other more often and grow their follower base.

While re-pinning a pin is quite simple, engaging can be complicated. There are many different ways of doing this depending on what type of account you’re interacting with (company vs. personal). You must engage correctly so as not to get flagged by Pinterest’s algorithm!

These are the main tasks a virtual Pinterest assistant is paid to do.

  • Create and set up client boards
  • Create original content for clients (images, pins, short blog posts)
  • Write and schedule pins from existing client blogs
  • Organize groups of boards into categories and subcategories
  • Collaborate with other pinners and bloggers to create unique content

Conclusion: What Are the Duties of an Assistant for a Pinterest Business Account?

We’re not going to lie: Pinterest is a weird social network. However, it is also a great social media platform to reach your niche market. It is not a platform to ignore; it might consume much of your time. But be smart and hire a virtual Pinterest assistant. You will save time and money as they can do the work for much less than you. Make sure you reap the benefits of this social media platform and that it aligns with your marketing strategies

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