5 Top eCommerce Customer Service Quick Wins

Online shopping is a convenient way to find and buy products, but it has disadvantages. The biggest issue for many customers is poor eCommerce customer service or even the total lack of customer service in ecommerce. In-person interactions with an employee, sales representative, or virtual customer care assistant are often the best way to get help. However, if you want to improve your ecommerce customer service, you can implement many quick wins immediately.

Create a comprehensive returns policy.

What is a standard return policy?

A return policy is a set of rules an online retailer creates to define what is allowed if customers want to return or exchange merchandise they bought online. These policies inform the customer what type of goods can be returned, under which terms, and in what timeframe.

What’s a good return policy?

A good return policy should be clear, concise, and friendly. If a customer needs to contact customer service because they have questions about their order or need to exchange it, having all the relevant information in one place can save time and hassle for you and your customer.

When creating your eCommerce store’s returns policy, you must consider who will use it: your customers! That means being careful not only about what information you put into this document but also how you present it; if someone has trouble reading through yours due to bad formatting, they may give up on ever returning anything (and who wants that?).

Let customers know what to expect if they return the product. If it cannot be returned, clearly state this in your website’s product description or “about” section.

Offer live chat support.

Live chat is one of the fastest and most effective ways for your eCommerce business to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The ability to speak with a live person, rather than enter a bunch of information into a form, allows customers to ask questions, address concerns or problems, and make purchases on the spot.

Live chat allows you to quickly resolve issues that may be frustrating for customers. If someone has a problem with an order, they placed or received incorrect product information from sales reps, live chat can help them get what they’re looking for more quickly than if they had waited on hold or filled out lengthy forms online.

Live chat also provides opportunities for upselling additional products or services that benefit both parties involved—the customer gets something they want while you make money!

Customers who feel like their problem was dealt with efficiently will likely return because they trust your brand enough now that it won’t disappoint them again (which goes both ways). Moreover, live chat is one of the best ways for customers who want answers quickly and immediately without waiting on hold or emailing an inquiry into a black hole (which most likely won’t be answered anyway).

Let customers track their orders.

Tracking orders is essential; you must make it as easy as possible for customers. They should be able to find where their order is at all times. Even if they have already received it, they may want to know when the item will arrive so they can plan accordingly or inquire about its arrival date.

It’s also crucial for you, as the retailer or manufacturer, because it helps you keep track of your inventory levels and see what items are selling well in certain areas. It can also help identify which products require special attention from a customer service standpoint (for example, shipping delays or additional charges).

Have an error-free website

The first step to improving your customer service is to ensure your website is easy to use.

  • Have a user-friendly design that doesn’t require too many clicks to find the information customers want.

  • Please ensure the site is error-free and doesn’t contain broken links or images, which can frustrate users and lead them to leave before they even begin shopping.

  • Ensure the website is mobile friendly, so it doesn’t overwhelm visitors with large amounts of content or text they need to scroll through on their phones—and don’t forget to remove any unnecessary images! A good rule of thumb is that if you can read it comfortably on a mobile device, it’ll be suitable for all screen sizes.

  • Finally, ensure your website is secure by encrypting customer data and including relevant security protocols such as HTTPS/.

Offer phone support

Set up a phone support line. Provide phone support for those who prefer talking over talking (yes, some people like talking on phones). You don’t have to answer every call with a live representative – there are plenty of automated options today!

You should train your staff to be good at phone support, well-equipped, and motivated to answer customer calls. Ensure someone will get back to them ASAP with an answer and solution if needed; otherwise, they’ll go elsewhere next time, which isn’t good news for any business owner!

Instead, focus on offering the best customer experience possible. If you are a small business, remember you can get the support you need by hiring a virtual assistant. 

Conclusion: 5 Top eCommerce Customer Service Quick Wins

E-commerce businesses must focus on customer service. Customers will always be looking for the best experience, and if your business falls short in this area, it can be challenging to recover from. 

However, there are many quick wins that you can take advantage of to improve your customer service and make sure your customers have a great experience when interacting with you online.

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