4 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Vital

Many businesses still don’t understand the importance of proper graphic design. They do not grasp that good graphic design work can benefit their business enormously. The fundamentals of graphic design are either poorly understood or there is a reluctance to spend on this aspect. 

However, what if there is a cost-effective way of achieving great design? The easy answer is to outsource your design work by onboarding a virtual graphic designer to help you build a strong brand identity. Moreover, you could increase your sales by displaying the most appropriate graphic design. Your packaging would flaunt your logo, brand colors, and all relevant info about the product. 

Look, for instance, at the packaging of Tony’s Chocolonely. This Dutch chocolate brand offers delectable varieties of chocolate. The company’s whole brand identity is visible on its packaging. This includes its vehement emphasis on curbing the ill-treatment of cocoa producers. Inside each slab of chocolate, the producers restate their mission.

Also, the brand identity is clear—from the font style of the American typewriter to the coloring and infographics. Tony’s Chocolonely thus provides clients with tasty, ethically sourced chocolate. 

Many international companies produce chocolate treats from cocoa sourced from West African cocoa farms. Some of these farms employ illegal child labor. They subscribe to modern child slavery. Although this is a sober topic, Tony’s Chocolonely uses bright colors and easy-to-read fonts to educate their clients in a friendly and fun way. Similarly, you, too, can set your business apart from your competitors through graphic design. This applies whether you are a small, medium, or even a large company. 

tonys-chocolonely graphic design outside

Boost Brand Awareness

Through graphic design, a business conveys its message visually. Unfortunately, many companies merely copy what others have done − their designs have no uniqueness. Moreover, the designs do not tell a story, least of all their personal story. However, correctly implementing graphic design can help boost brand awareness and increase brand retention. Clients can readily differentiate your brand from your competitors, which can help to boost your sales. Returning to our example, Tony’s Chocolonely is easy to spot on the shelves. This is because their graphic design makes them highly visible and recognizable compared to other chocolate bars.

Reinforce Business Credibility 

Graphic design covers the complete appearance of the company. However, there is more to the mere graphic elements, namely, the consistency in the design, which builds the brand’s credibility. These same design elements are repeatedly used and reused by following the company’s brand identity guidelines. Such brand identity guidelines refer to using the brand’s logo, particular colors, and the company’s approved font. Combined, these elements reinforce the brands’ credibility.

Tony’s Chocolonely graphic design inside

Persuading Influence 

Graphic design also has a vital role to play, not only to attract potential consumers but to persuade consumers to become and remain regular customers. This can be achieved through the message or images used that resonate with such consumers. The brand is memorable through great design and the story it conveys, which promotes the brand and encourages consumers to put their trust in a purchase. Also, some consumers may not be interested in the ethics of the business: they may be inclined to try Tony’s Chocolonely, which is promoted. A milk honey almond nougat chocolate slab may sound delicious. They then pay attention to the story behind this delightful offering to satisfy their hunger. This can persuade clients to remain loyal to this brand, approving their ethical behavior.

Depiction of the Brand’s Message 

People tend to be persuaded by graphics and other visual elements. However, a simple packaging design for a chocolate bar offers a subtle, if not straightforward, message that the product is better than the competition. Tony’s Chocolonely uses color to stand out from its competitors. Tony’s Chocolonely shows confidence in its development − its logo, which is the company’s name, is repeated several times. Proper graphic design initiates contact with the consumer. You have only a few seconds when the client stares at the options available. You want to be sure that your brand is head and shoulders above your competition and that its message is conveyed.

Finally, 4 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Vital

Keep your audience engaged by applying a great graphic design unique to your brand and your brand’s identity. Your unique graphic design will act as a magnet, attracting consumers to your product and making them buy it repeatedly. Hiring an onsite graphic designer can be expensive; likewise, it is costly to use a design agency. However, a virtual assistant − a virtual graphic design assistant − is a cost-effective option. Hiring such talented hands will save money and boost your brand.

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