Which is the Best Example of Outsourcing? 

IT outsourcing and Business process outsourcing (BPO) are becoming common globally. Such types of outsourcing save companies money and time while, at the same time, the companies gain the right skill sets. It is common practice for around 70% of large businesses to outsource at least some aspects of their services to third parties. However, which is the best example of outsourcing?

But before we look at this question, it is good to understand what outsourcing is. Briefly, outsourcing is delegating tasks, especially non-core tasks, to an external business that will work on behalf of the leading company. The most significant benefit of this action is related to capacity, which is more than the cost savings.

Outsourcing Services – What Can Be Given to an External Company?

Many companies outsource tasks because this boosts their capacity and reduces business costs. There are, however, many different services that can be outsourced. These include accounting, digital marketing, human resources, or data-entry work. However, below are the typical services that are outsourced:

Web-development Outsourcing

Outsourcing web development allows the company to hire experts to create a website tailored to specific business needs. Web developers will ensure the site reflects the company’s goals, values, and mission.

Web-design Outsourcing

Outsourcing web design services can enhance your website’s overall appeal. Professionals can create design and visual content that makes your business stand out.

App and Game Development Outsourcing

Instead of maintaining an in-house team, you can outsource app and game development to experienced professionals. This is a common and efficient way of meeting your development needs.

SEO Outsourcing

Outsourcing SEO services can improve your search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site. Incorporating translation services can further boost your company’s online visibility by reaching global audiences.

Content Marketing and Advertising Outsourcing

For an effective social media presence, outsourcing content marketing and advertising to experts ensures that your business gains the best strategies and solutions for success.

Sales and Lead-Generation Outsourcing

Lead generation involves attracting customer interest in your products or services, thus increasing sales. This can be effectively outsourced to specialists.

Customer Support Outsourcing

Outsourcing customer support allows you to provide excellent service without needing in-house staff. Specialists can handle customer queries and issues efficiently.

Tech Support Outsourcing

Outsourced tech-support professionals can address and resolve clients’ issues promptly and effectively when software or apps malfunction.

Email Automation Outsourcing

Outsourcing email automation helps develop and manage email marketing strategies, thus engaging new and existing clients.

Virtual Assistance Services

Hiring a virtual assistant can accelerate business growth by the assistant managing tasks remotely. Tools such as clock-in and clock-out apps can help monitor productivity and ensure efficient task management.

Which Is the Best Example of Outsourcing?

Now that you know what outsourcing is and the types of services available, here are some real-life examples to illustrate its benefits. Moreover, these examples show how outsourcing can provide access to top talent, reduce costs, and improve business operations across various industries.



Formerly known as TransferWise, Wise is a well-known money-transferring service. The company hires remote engineers from Estonia and Ukraine, not for their cheaper labor but for their talent. Wise ensures high standards by putting candidates through rigorous technical interviews and tests, resulting in top-notch services at affordable prices.



GitHub, a popular platform for version control, formerly outsourced the development of its backend to a third-party expert who eventually became its CIO. This strategic outsourcing allowed GitHub to meet high-quality standards while saving money and resources.



Skype’s success story involves outsourcing to talented developers in Estonia. By finding the necessary expertise reasonably, Skype has maintained low costs and developed robust online services. This approach has proved highly effective, making Skype a prime example of successful outsourcing.



Daintel, a clinical workspace for intensive care units, is outsourced to enhance system performance and develop new modules. This decision has helped Cambio become a healthcare market by optimizing its existing solutions and adding valuable new features.



SpecTec, a maritime software provider, has outsourced the development of its AMOS software and related apps. The outsourcing team has improved functionality and ensured successful online and offline data synchronization, significantly boosting SpecTec’s efficiency and productivity.



Despite being a tech giant, Google outsources many operations to remote employees. This approach helps them manage costs, access top talent, and cover workforce gaps. Since 2018, Google has employed more remote workers than in-house staff, particularly for projects such as AdWords.



CuriosityStream, a global media brand, began outsourcing in 2019 to reduce operational costs and enhance its video features. The impressive results from outsourcing have encouraged them to continue working with third-party developers.

Wait while

Wait While

Founded by ex-Googlers, Waitwhile tackles the common problem of waiting in line. Waitwhile outsourced upgrading its base application with new functions, enabling better scalability and securing its market position.



Alibaba’s founders wisely outsourced the development of their website to U.S. developers. This decision helped create a platform serving domestic and international customers, contributing to Alibaba’s success.


So, which is the best example of outsourcing? It isn’t easy to name just one business, as each example has excellent qualities. Still, these companies have one thing in common—they decided to act wisely and hired third-party companies to achieve their goals. You can learn from their experience and take on one or even a team of professionals for your business. The central aspect is that you should opt for a reliable hiring company and top virtual assistants.


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