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Telecomms briefing is your online news source for emerging markets around the globe, including telecommunications news, telecom sector updates, and the latest technological discoveries. At Aristosourcing, one of our key goals is to get businesses as efficient with tech and telecommunications as possible. Our outsourcing company supports e-commerce businesses with the best virtual assistants possible. 

Kevin O’Leary of ABC’s Shark Tank to Keynote at the PCM Vision IT Conference & Expo San Francisco Bay on August 13

PCM, Inc. is a leading technology solutions provider. On August 13, 2013, PCM, Inc. invited Kevin O’Leary, Venture Capitalist, Chairman O’Leary Funds & O’Leary and star of ABC’S Shark Tank, to be the speaker of the technology keynote. The address speech will be held at Vision IT Conference and Expo at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront. Venturing the depth of what Kevin O’Leary will discuss involves IT professionals and the IT market. Moreover, he will also highlight the need for quick decision-making and implementation to benefit new technologies and improve IT return on investment. Leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, Apple, HP, Microsoft, and Intel will be hosting breakout sessions and PCM subject matter experts regarding key technologies and solutions. The event’s purpose is to showcase technology solutions that will bring change in eHealthcare and education solutions for the 21st century.

RootMetrics Invites Carriers to their Big Dance with its “4G Mobile Madness” Challenge; Pays Winners To Break TheirWireless Contract or Offers Them New Smartphone

RootMetrics is the first independent service to evaluate a consumer’s point of view regarding their mobile experience. They introduced the “4G Mobile Madness” sweepstakes on Twitter. It allowed people to tweet their 4G claims as a chance to win a new smartphone or even pay to break the user’s current wireless contract. The #4GMobile Madness commenced when Bill Moore, CEO Of RootMetrics, advertised the promotion. He said that it is a way to engage with people and prove whether their claims on their wireless contract are reliable or not. The campaign duration lasted from March 13, 2012, to April 2, 2012. RootMetrics randomly selected five winners to choose their preferred smartphone or receive RootMetrics compensation of the penalty fee for breaking their current wireless contract to sign up with a different caterer.

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