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This portal offers a wide range of trade information catered to the demands of the importers and exporters in the SAARC region. Its information and services are served by a network of leading public and private sector trade institutions from the eight SAARC countries. 

This page was created to enhance each country’s business processes and relations, thereby improving trade and diplomatic connections.

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Press release for Final Brand Bhutan

The Department of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, successfully organized the Final Presentation on Brand Bhutan Strategy (The Brand Bhutan Project) on March 25, 2015, at Ariya Hotel, Olakha, Thimphu. The presentation was graced by the Hon’ble Tengye Lyonpo as the Chief Guest and attended by senior officials from the government, autonomous agencies, associations, the private sector, and the UNDP Office. Consultants from FutureBrand, a Singapore-based consultancy firm, gave the presentation.

The Department of Trade, Ministry of Economy Affairs initiated the idea of nation branding as part of an export development strategy in line with provisions in the Economic Development Policy 2010. The objective is to develop the Brand Bhutan ‘Made in’ Strategy and visual identity to promote exports and add a premium to the goods and services that are produced and/or originate in Bhutan.

The Brand Bhutan will be an umbrella brand for the entire local brand and will be accredited or certified to confirm the highest standards of our goods and services. It will not only be confined to the quality and origin of the product and services but also reflect the ethos and values of Bhutanese society, our rich history, our unique GNH philosophy, etc., to promote the country to the world. It aims to facilitate many sector-specific brands in the future that will assist exporters in achieving the targets and getting due recognition, creating demand for Bhutanese goods and services and enhancing exports. Further, the Brand will promote and support initiatives that lead to the betterment of society, and to succeed, it will communicate the unique values of Bhutan and how GNH’s development philosophy affects how these products are produced and delivered.

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