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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services: Is This For You?

Top real estate agents who are easily achieving more than two transactions monthly, will know how exhausting this can be. Even though the income is good, there are ways by which to enhance your performance and productivity without having to work longer hours. It is just a matter of rethinking the way you work and outsourcing the low-level administrative tasks. This can be accomplished by using virtual real estate assistant services.

The problem

Even though selling properties and earning a high commission might seem easy, this is not so. A great deal of time must be invested − up to 60 hours per week − and that means sacrificing valuable family time. Also, the competition is fierce, which means you can’t ever be resting on your laurels. When you finally acknowledge that you need assistance, you may not know who to hire. Again, your income may not be stable, or even high. You may have heard other people suggesting virtual assistants, but where do you begin?

The solution

A cost-effective staffing solution is to make use of a virtual assistant. A virtual real estate agent or assistant, also known as a remote estate agent assistant, offers specialized virtual real estate assistant services. In many cases, the service includes onboarding your administrative tasks. You, as the estate agent, will then have more free time. This time may be focused on clients, or spent on hobbies or interests, which could include playing a round of golf.

What is a virtual assistant for real estate? 

Do you know what a virtual real estate assistant is, and why you need one? It’s rather simple − you need to grow your business, and you only have a limited amount of time to complete your tasks. If you spend too much time on admin work, for instance, you will be wasting time, because a virtual assistant (VA) can do it for far less than you could. A virtual real estate assistant is a person working remotely who can undertake certain tasks to support you. As Mads Singers from Aristo Sourcing puts it, “When you delegate repetitive tasks, you get your time back. A virtual assistant is a real game-changer.”

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services: tasks that you should delegate to a virtual real estate assistant

It’s a big mistake to simply take all your tasks and place them on the shoulders of a virtual assistant. Such blind handing over may result in a poor outcome. Instead, define the tasks clearly. This will help when it comes to monitoring your outcomes. You can then assess whether your key performance indicators (KPIs) have been effective. However, before you get there – you need to hire the right people; and they must understand what you want them to do. The key tasks assigned to a real estate VA:

Tasks delegated to a remote assistant to scale your business


A key part of any business, especially a real estate business, is marketing. Marketing can be time-consuming, and it can stop you from interacting with potential homebuyers, or property investors. However, what a remote assistant can do is take over the marketing tasks. They can compile PowerPoint, and buyer’s packets, send out newsletters, create and edit images, write blog posts, keep your website up to date, manage your social media channels, and keep track of the analytics.


Your back office operations might not get priority or sufficient attention when you are busy. This is something that can be outsourced without difficulty. However, to operate efficiently, you need your admin tasks taken care of. Some of the tasks that can be outsourced are data entry, coordination and updates, basic bookkeeping, preparing performance and sales reports, assisting with onboarding new staff, gaining feedback from clients, and handling agreement and other documents.


Despite working remotely, the consultant can still assist with sales. It is helpful if the virtual assistant is a native-English speaker, as they will be adept at cold calling, prospecting, researching of seller and buyer leads, setting appointments, and following up on leads. Also, a virtual real estate assistant can assist by keeping your database up to date − they can contact previous clients and update their information.


Admin is a normal go-to task for virtual assistants. Here a virtual personal assistant or virtual admin assistant can also be used to work with a virtual real estate assistant. Together they can manage the email inbox, set up meetings, answer calls and take messages, record minutes of meetings, and manage the real estate agent’s busy calendar. They can also manage your personal admin, such as arranging family events.

The bottom line

Hiring a virtual real estate assistant is not only a cost-effective staffing solution, but it can also help you to grow your business. With their knowledge, which you can afford at a very low rate, they can complete your admin-related work and even assist with some of the more specialized work such as managing your Facebook ad account for you. Either way, know what tasks you want to delegate, and which tasks you want to keep to yourself. More importantly, if you need help working through the hiring process, then book a call with our outsourcing expert. Book your free call today!

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