Virtual assistant for writing outlines with SEO experience

VA for writing outlines with SEO experience

Job description

AristoSourcing LLC is looking for a virtual assistant (VA) for writing outlines with SEO experience to join the joining team.

What Makes a Good employee?

  • Self-motivated and great learner – doesn’t require a high degree of coaching or a boss to hold their hand after the initial onboarding process
  • Appreciates a high sense of autonomy and independence
  • Somebody who does not mind doing monotonous, time-consuming tasks repeatedly
  • Not a writer, but somebody who can think like one
    -Ideally someone with writing and/or editorial experience as well as some SEO experience


Create comprehensive content outlines for long articles. Articles are typically long-form (3-4k words) so need fairly extensive outlines that make sense and flow well. All content within the outlines should be very relatable to keywords and make sense when reading.

Take a keyword from a list, create an article outline using SOPs and workflows set up

Use a high level of discernment and discretion when creating outlines, adding information that makes sense and helps address the query being searched

Upload completed (written and edited) articles to the website to which it belongs.

Other tasks

  • Upload completed articles to WordPress websites
  • Add meta descriptions
  • Add a featured image (with alt text)
  • Add other images as seen fit
  • Ensure article meets best practices and criteria score within RankMath SEO plugin
  • Internally link (using exact-match anchor text) to other relevant existing articles on the site


Modify existing pieces of content to be formatted a certain way,.


  • Break sentences up into different lines.
  • Add images where necessary.
  • Add Tables of Contents where there are none.
  • Add jump links to articles where there are none.
  • And more.


Modify existing articles on the websites in my portfolio to rank better in search engines, by optimizing them within and MarketMuse.


  • Add content sections within articles, based on the optimization reports from and MarketMuse
  • Modify articles based on suggestions from Audit reports within SurferSEO

Rate: $500 to $600 per month

Interested applicants,
You may send your updated CV to:
Subject: VA with SEO Applicant

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