International Conference on Information Technology Coding & Computing

International Conference on Information Technology Coding And Computing is an annual international forum. Researchers and practitioners from across the world interested in various facets of information technology gather at the ITCC. The most current theoretical and technological advancements in Information Technology are presented and evaluated by a technical audience.  

Attending ITCC will be an excellent opportunity to share your expertise with your peers and learn from the well-respected experts in the IT industry. As an aspiring speaker, make sure you have the best virtual assistant who can help you prepare for the conference.

ITCC 2005 

Last April 4-6, 2005, ITCC was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. IEEE Computer Science which is the premier source of knowledge and inspiration in the field of computer science and engineering sponsors the event. 

Leading experts in Information Retrieval, Operating Systems, Networks, Image Processing, Digital Library, Coding & Data Compression, Watermarks, Simulation, Computer Graphics and other IT-related technologies joined to showcase their expertise and discuss the latest developments in these fields. 

ITCC is being hosted in association with The Information Systems: Next Generations (ISNG 2005). ISNG focuses on the hardware, prototypes, and architectures of information systems. 

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