International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval 2014

International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval  @ Glasgow 2014

In April 2014, the ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) was held in Glasgow (UK), where researchers, practitioners, and future users of multimedia retrieval systems will come together to discuss the most trendy concepts in multimedia retrieval. With the help of previous ACM MIR/CIVR conferences, this conference aims to improve the status of multimedia retrieval.  Participants can learn environmental multimedia retrieval, social events in web multimedia, social multimedia and storytelling programs during the conference. 

ICMR is ranked number one in the world for Multimedia Retrieval and number four in the area of multimedia and graphics by the Chinese Computing Federation Conference Rankings (2013). 

Getting To Gaslow 

Glasgow is accessible through public transportation. Many airports can be accessed by plane:

Shuttle buses are provided from Glasgow International Airport (9 miles/15 minutes) to the city center. Every 30 minutes, trains arrive at Glasgow Prestwick (33 miles/40 minutes). Frequent train and bus service to the city center is available every 15 minutes from Edinburgh Airport  WITH 40 miles PER HOUR. Most European destinations may be reached within a two-hour flight period from Glasgow. From New York, Philadelphia, Halifax, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Orlando, North American delegates can fly directly to Glasgow. Delegates flying in from the east can do so on flights that leave Dubai twice daily.

As a way to help you get to Glasgow, Scotland, SIGMM is providing student travel funds. SISCA will finance 10 Scotland-based students’ conference registration.  The travel award will cover one student’s travel and lodging expenses to the main conference. Students must arrange travel and accommodation. The actual amount depends on accepted travel funding. Students who are the primary authors of an approved paper in the main conference or workshop will be given preference in the selection process.

ICMR Social Events 

International Conference Multimedia Retrieval understands that socializing helps participants create relationships, comprehend diverse viewpoints, and interact with people from other countries and backgrounds. With this, they planned various social activities. The first one is the Whiskey tour, where attendees can taste Scotland’s prominent product at a local distillery on Tuesday. Every Wednesday, Welcome Reception commences.  The dinner is at Glasgow City Chambers. The City Chambers in Glasgow, Scotland, has been the headquarters of the city’s municipal government since 1889. 

The conference dinner follows it in Glasgow on Thursday. The conference dinner will be held in the Glasgow Science Centre on the Clyde River banks. Science and technology themes are presented in a unique and inspiring manner at the Glasgow Science Centre. Participants are also looking forward to the Céilidh Night, a traditional Scottish céilidh dance in Glasgow’s oldest bar Sloan’s. 

Submission Of Entries 

ICMR seeks creative research in the broad field of multimedia retrieval. They want to highlight contributions that address search and retrieval and multimedia content management, user engagement, and community-based management. Listed below are the topics of interest: 

  • Retrieving and Analyzing Data from Social Media (something that here we do in Aristosouring as well)
  • Access to visual information via semantic search
  • Image and video indexing and retrieval based on content and context
  • Understanding and analysis of multimedia content
  • retrieving multimedia data using query models, paradigms, and languages
  • Inquiries into the habits of image and video viewers in search of information
  • Image/video retrieval interfaces based on affective/emotional interaction
  • Aspects of human-computer interaction in multimedia data retrieval
  • Searching for media in many formats is possible with this method.
  • Multimedia interaction and the user experience
  • Access to multimedia content via human perception
  • Visualization and summary of images and videos
  • Retrieval systems that learn and provide feedback on the relevance
  • Media indexing systems that are fast and accurate.
  • Retrieval Methods for Multimedia
  • Satellite Images, Multimodal Lifelogs, and Medical Records
  • Managed by the community for the community
  • Analyses of retrieval techniques for multimedia content

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