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Boost your marketing by hiring a virtual marketing assistant

hire a virtual marketing assistant

Virtual marketing assistants or online marketing virtual assistants are ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startups looking for an agile method of boosting the growth of their businesses.

Marketing is a vital aspect of reaching success regardless of your overall goals, such as branding, generating more sales leads, or increasing your brand’s visibility. 

An internet marketing virtual assistant is a dedicated, cost-effective solution for ongoing support. Your digital marketing assistant will be an extension of your current team. 

Your online marketing virtual assistant will assist with different facets of your marketing needs. Therefore when you hire a marketing assistant you need to decide on which aspects they should manage, for instance: 

  • Social media management
  • Internet research
  • Graphic design
    Blogging and copywriting
  • Edit videos 
  • Website updates


With digital marketing offering additional benefits to traditional marketing, demanding much lower investment, you don’t want to be left behind. However, digital marketing needs to be well planned, and it can be time-consuming. If you don’t have the time or skills, it is wise to make your business future-proof by hiring a virtual marketing assistant. A virtual assistant will cost you a fraction of hiring an in-person staff member. You will save on operational expenses such as fixed salaries, office space, equipment, and utilities. Your assistant will work remotely.

At a high level, a virtual marketing assistant can assist to increase your business productivity. Such an assistant will enhance the quality of your digital marketing, and will be an integrated part of your marketing strategy. Major skills provided by a virtual assistant include:

  • Content marketing – besides ensuring that the social media content calendar is up to date, a virtual assistant can help with writing blogs (especially adhering to SEO guidelines), bringing all the content together to form a solid story, which will resonate with your audience.
  • Keyword research – a key aspect of any successful digital marketing campaign is keyword research. Keywords should be based on what your prospective clients are searching for, in other words, their search intent. This technical process using keyword research tools is something your assistant is proficient in.
  • Social media management – social media has become an indispensable platform to connect with your audience and to build your brand. However, posting is only one aspect – you want to use these posts to make possible lead generation, which you can use to grow your business. Your virtual assistant can manage your SEO and paid ads.
  • Project management – an assistant can help to ensure that all deliverables are accomplished on time. This could include sending any briefs to graphic designers, or liaising with your advertising company.
  • Strategy – a virtual assistant can also achieve more high-level tasks, such as assisting with your marketing strategy. This can optimize your campaigns, which means that you improve your ROI in the long run.

If you aret hinking about – how to hire a virtual assistant for internet marketing, then Aristo Sourcing can help. Aristo Sourcing can help to find you the perfect marketing assistant, based on your needs. We make use of a four-step onboarding process. We source great people that will not only maximise your efficiency, but assist your marketing manager with their work. You or your team can thus focus on your core tasks, while resting assured that your marketing is not neglected. More so, an online marketing assistant is a multiple-skilled individual bringing additional skills to your team and your business. Your bottom line will thus be augmented.




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